Barry went to Queens public schools and is a public school parent himself.  Barry understands the importance of keeping our local schools strong.  As a Council member, Barry will fight to get our public schools their fair share of funding in the City budget, ease overcrowding and actively work with principals and teachers to increase parental involvement in school oversight.  Barry will work to prevent over-reliance on testing in the classroom and will preserve universal Pre-K for all Queens students. 

In addition, Barry knows that all students deserve the tools they need to succeed.  Barry will work to provide resources for extracurricular opportunities, improved technology in classrooms, afterschool programs and expanded free meal programs to students in need.

Because he went to Queens public schools, Barry knows what a tremendous asset they are for our families.  Once he is elected to the City Council, Barry will visit every public school in the district to meet with the teachers, principals and parents because he understands that their input is important.